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Mentoring Program

The Christian life is hard. Don't walk alone. 

We know firsthand that college is hard, and life gets crazy. Sometimes, you just need a little help figuring life out and staying steady in your walk with Christ. Our mentoring program exists to help you get connected to someone who can help you grow spiritually. Interested in being mentored or being a mentor? Fill out our interest form below! 

A Little Bit About How It Works:


Fill out an application for us to let us know a bit about you! This helps us in the matching process. 


Just a way to get to know you better face to face. This helps us match you with a mentor or mentee that has a similar story to yours. 

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We begin the pairing process! We will need you to fill out a couple of forms for our records to get you all set up. Please fill out the confidentiality statement below in the "Forms" section.  


You've got your match and can begin meeting! Grab a coffee or a meal with your mentor or mentee each week and watch how the Lord works!

Check out this video to learn a little bit more about mentoring:

If You're Interested in Becoming a Mentor:



Go ahead and fill out the interest form! This gives us an idea about who you are and lets us know how to get in touch with you. Once you've filled it out, we will be in contact with you!



We will get in touch about having a face to face meeting with you. Don't sweat it! This meeting helps our staff get to know you and your story a little bit better. We'll ask you to share a little about your walk with Christ so we can match you up with a student who has a similar walk or story. We will walk you through our processes and how everything works so you know what to expect.   


Forms and Training

We've got a couple of things left to do before you can start mentoring! We have 3 forms (see below) we need you to fill out and return to us: a pastoral reference form, a confidentiality statement, and a background check. After that, we can get you matched! We also would love for you to check out our training videos to help guide you through this process. 

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