Be a Palm Tree

by Anna Nail

Originally posted on February 20, 2018 at

I have been spending time reading through the Psalms, and I was recently reading Psalm 92. I was so astounded by this psalm that I read it a couple days in a row, just so it would really sink into my spirit.

Psalm 92:12-15 stood out to me, which says “Righteous people flourish like palm trees, and grow tall like the cedars in Lebanon. They are planted in the Lord’s house. They blossom in God’s courtyard. Even when they are old, they still bear fruit. They are always healthy and fresh. They make it known that the Lord is decent. He is my rock. He is never unfair.”

My question after reading this was “What is so special about Palm trees? Why are righteous people like them?”

So I went to Google (of course) and did some digging. What I found out amazed me.

Here’s what I found…


Palm trees are…

1.) Upright. The palm tree rises straight toward Heaven. It stands upright among the trees. Other trees twist and turn, but not palm trees.

This is similar to the life of a righteous man/woman. The good man/woman stands erect and moves in a heavenward direction and does not stoop or bow towards the earth.

2.) Fruitful. They produce fruit that is known for being nutritious and sustainable for a long time. The righteous man/woman bears much fruit- and fruits of many kinds. The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.

3.) Beautiful. Palm trees are known for their beauty and just like the palm trees, righteous men and women are known for the great beauty of their character.

Righteous men and women continue to grow tall over time.… Like Palm trees, they do not stay near the ground where they can be easily soiled or lost. Instead they continue to grow high up towards the sky where things on the earth cannot damage or destroy them.

4.) Elastic. Even when loaded with considerable weights, palm trees still grow determinately upward.

A good man or woman may have much to depress them or hamper their growth, but if they “dwell in the house of the Lord,” they will rise.

5.) Triumphant. Palm trees don’t promise much at the beginning. At first palm trees are rough to the touch because of their dry bark. But above, they are adorned with fruit.

This is similar to the life of a righteous man or woman. They may not be seen as much on Earth, but they are seen as beautiful above.

So be like a palm tree. Grow upright. Be fruitful. Know your beauty. Know your elasticity when storms come. Wait in joyful expectation of your ULTIMATE TRIUMPH. Amen!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for Your beautiful creation that reminds us of who we are and who we are meant to be. Help us to see You in everything- in things as simple as palm trees! Thank you Lord that we will grow in righteousness- that like a a Palm tree, we will grow upright, be fruitful, know our beauty, be elastic when storms come, and be patient as we wait in joyful expectation of our ultimate triumph in You! Amen!

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