Chains. Not just the chains you see on a gate. I’m talking about the deep spiritual chains we try so hard to hide. Those not-so-pretty spiritual chains. Recently I have been waging war on one of my chains— anxiety. Anxiety has always been the foe I have actively been evading, not waging war against. Particularly over the course of these least two weeks, school and life have hit hard while the feelings of freedom and peace have crumpled under their fists. Anxiety has left me feeling like I was chained down with fear no matter what I did. I was hurting and felt defenseless. I did what God cries out for us not to do. I lashed out. I tried to box with God and not let Him see my insecurities. I chained up my heart thinking I would live in the mindset that God wouldn’t give me peace and comfort. Maybe He was just going to overlook me because of the sin I was chained up to.

But let me tell ya…

You can try so hard to box God out but He pursues like no other. He will wreck your world and give you that freedom and peace your anxious and weary soul so desperately craves.

Today I was listening to a song by Brian Johnson and it absolutely wrecked me.

“Oh, the peace that comes when I’m broken and undone and when I finally realize that it is by Your unfailing grace I can say You can have it all.”

Culture will tell us to grow up and just deal with our brokenness, but God literally says for us to experience it, and dwell in it, but leave it at His feet.

However, if I’m being honest, that type of surrender terrifies me sometimes. But I can tell you, I am starting to already experience that once you give it to God, He will give you peace and freedom like no other.

Take a leap of faith and jump into deep surrender with Him and I promise you the joy and freedom you will experience will be like no other.

For me personally, this is something I am now waging war with. I no longer acquiesce to the attacks of Satan and anxiety. I have a greater defense than my own fists or fickle human strength.

Once you focus on a friendship with God rather than a checklist of things to do He will give you freedom like no other.

As Philippians 1:9 (NIV) says, “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.”

God literally says the more we pour into Him the more freedom and love we will feel. I used to hide my anxiety from my friends and God, but I’m telling you now that will break you more than help you. Invite Him to dwell in those areas.

The moment we search for a friendship with God is when we will gain freedom and hope.

When you feel shame.. remember God is not afraid

When you feel worries and doubts.. remember we have a God who has already won everything. Walk in freedom and peace knowing that.

God’s NOT OVERLOOKING YOU. He is right in front of you begging you to rest in Him and walk in freedom.

I am ready to start walking in freedom and not feeling chained back by shame, guilt, fears and doubt. We are worthy in God’s eyes!!!!!!

Let’s wage war on those things!

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