Fight or Flight?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

by Coke

Why do we embrace fear? When we see it come near? Like a glazed-over deer, Waiting to be hit.

Why do elevate the enemy? When we speak of his weaponry? Accentuating his mastery, Over our hearts.

Why do we carry on our backs, The things we physically lack? When in actuality we are packed, With great spiritual power!

A power that lives inside us, Spiritual DNA that defines us! But by analyzing the storm around us, We become blinded to our strength!

And how do we access this power? To defeat the lies which devour? We must pray to be empowered, By the Lord’s death defying might!

Yes prayer allows me to see, God’s chariots surrounding the enemy. For the army of God will fight for me, If only, I would inquire.

So we must embrace prayer. Yes we must be still and prepare! For fear is a deadly snare, But we were not given a spirit of fear!

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