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How the Media Lies to You

by Katie Cook

It’s all about body type inclusive media these days. What it means to be a woman is changing, from fashion to body image to values and morals. A new generation of women has come to kick up the dust. The only problem is, we are all choking on it.

For all their efforts, ad campaigns and social reforms haven’t changed the way we think about ourselves. There is a reason for this. The media finally has it right when they say that every woman is beautiful, no matter their body type. But what they fail to explain or back up is why. This movement lacks support, background, a true foundation. It is all well and good to try and fix the damage that modeling and magazines and media have done to generations of women and try to make girls feel good about themselves, but if they lack purpose and grounding, these efforts are fruitless. See, trying to teach unconditional self-love and self-acceptance without the grounding of Biblical truth and the love God has for us, His daughters, is like trying to plant flower seeds in a giant slab of marble. There is nowhere for the seeds to go. The ground isn’t prepared. So, the seeds shrivel and die.

We as women must understand how much God loves us, how much He gave up for us, and how He sees us, to truly begin to love ourselves. Self-acceptance and self-worth have become twisted into vanity by the media. The media teaches that the only way to find self-worth or value or confidence is to be sexy. To flaunt and expose and strut your stuff. You see it on every Victoria’s Secret ad, on every billboard, in magazines, and commercials. God did not intend it that way. A woman should not have to be sexy to have worth. She is intrinsically valuable because of the love God has for her. The media and society teaches that confidence is being sexy. That is a lie. One day our youth will fade, and sexiness with it. Trying to find your worth in sexiness will ultimately fail you. God teaches that confidence is in knowing who He is and who you are. Knowing that no matter what, you are loved. So it doesn’t matter if you had a bad hair day or tripped all over yourself. If you’ve got a huge pimple on your forehead or spilled coffee down your shirt. If you’ve hurt a friend or if someone else has deeply hurt you. God’s love for you is unchanging. It does not depend on circumstance or appearance. It doesn’t depend on what you have or haven’t done. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you will always have the loving arms of Jesus to fall into. And that, that is what the media, what society, is missing. You cannot have true, lasting confidence without the being rooted in the love of Jesus.

So I challenge you to take a second look at the media you are consuming. Matthew 6:22-23 says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be healthy. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness.” What you are allowing yourself to consume? If you are following people or pages that encourage you to view yourself as a sexual object, if they make you feel unworthy or ugly, if they make you feel bad about yourself or about your body, if they make you doubt your incredible worth that Jesus has placed upon you, unfollow them. Take the media out of your feed that is feeding your self-deprecation. But you cannot remove something bad from your life without replacing it with good. Follow pages that affirm your worth in Christ. Follow people that push you towards the love of God, not pull you away from Him. Set aside time away from media to be with Jesus, to rest in His presence and let Him speak messages of life over you, messages about who you truly are to Him and about how much He loves you.

All this being said, media is a tool, either for good or bad. And you get to decide what it is going to be in your life. Only you control the reigns in this area. So what will it be?

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