Rahab Devotional: Christmas Series 2020

By Anna Potter

"By faith," Rahab, once a prostitute, would be known not by her past but as the "mother of Boaz" and honored for her deep faith (Matthew 1:5).

"By faith," Rahab, an outcast, would not be forgotten but would serve as a direct link in the lineage of Jesus (Matthew 1:5).

"By faith," Rahab, a woman whose owned hometown scorned the Jewish people, would hide Jewish spies and stand against a wicked king to serve a King who rescues and redeems.

"By faith," Rahab, who had heard stories of the God of Israel, would boldly proclaim God's power and courageously ask that she and her family be spared during the destruction of Jericho.

It was not her past story that defined her, but her belief that there was a God who was far greater than anything she had done. Rahab let the most powerful story, the Gospel Story, restore her story. God is all about restoration and redeeming one's narrative. He takes characters you least expect to display his immense grace and abounding love.

May I know that I am part of a greater story. May I see any false narratives that negate God's love and power, as they focus on my past and my flaws and not on Jesus and the Kingdom. Let me remember God's goodness, proclaim God's truth, and know that I am worthy of God's effortless, expansive, and lavish love.

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