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Take Them With You

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I heard this quote in a TED Talk the other day, “Decide you are beautiful and take other women with you.”

I am not going to delve into the implications of women choosing to embrace their body image and their physical features. I believe every woman has her own preconceived notions and culture-induced insecurities about her body which are based on what someone in her life has told her or something she has told herself. I also believe every woman has the power and the capability to overcome these notions and insecurities. However, one woman’s journey to true self confidence looks much different than the next, so I will only say this: women were created for so much more than the self-glory and the discovery of self worth so frequently chased after. That is not our created purpose or our ultimate battle to fight. We are to be just as gospel-driven, crusaders for the Kingdom as our fellow brothers in Christ. When we start looking outward towards those around us, scripture promises that the inward turmoil and self consumption grows dim. We should reach higher than the mundane and physical occupations of our hearts, and look towards a vertical relationship that will transform our one horizontal, beautiful life. In the process, we will find freedom from the overwhelming weight the world puts on each of us to care about our outward appearance. Looking outward to others is not a distraction from our insecurities and self-assumed flaws but a decision to not make ourselves a priority.

This perspective holds weighty and transformational implications in daily life. This perspective looks like walking into a room and not looking for the prettiest woman to see if we measure up, but instead looking for the woman in the corner who doesn’t feel like she measures up. Imagine being able to confidently walk in a room knowing your own self worth. Then imagine walking into the same room and changing the life of a woman who is experiencing a lack of self worth herself.

Taking other women with you to a place of security and to the cross starts with you going there yourself. Decide you are loved because you are. Embrace this truth and then take other women with you.

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