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The Rainbow Beyond the Storm

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

By Coke

Why do people frown when they look upon a storm? Why do they look at rain with disgust and scorn? If they can have lousy days why can’t nature too? Who cares if a little mud gets on your shoe! I prefer to view rain in a different way. I like to watch the little droplets dance and play. To see the ripples in puddles glide like fluid glass, And observe the glittering beads sprinkled on blades of grass. What others see as a gloomy forecast, I perceive as a refreshing bath in contrast. When they tread around and brood about the muddy earth, Why, I see a world with richer hues that should give great mirth! Can’t they see the way the rain gives nature a new texture? A new shine, a new vesture! Don’t they hear the rain’s rhythmic beat like a percussion ensemble! No, for the fascination on their face is as dry as a fossil. An immaculate sunny day cannot last forever. The sky cannot bottle up tears whatsoever. Sometimes even fluffy white clouds need a time to cry. Even the sun runs out of smiles to supply. And when the rains come to wash away All the trite makeup from the face of day, They only seem to grimace at every boggy blemish. For in natural beauty they find no reason to cherish. And just as I see the beauty in a rainstorm, There is one who sees the beauty in your own flawed form. He is the one who dries the showers from the skies, And He can dry the sorrowful tears from your eyes. So in your life, when terrible tempests rage, When stains are exposed, and emotions flee their cage, Remember to trust the Father of all creation, Who pours out to you His pure adoration.

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