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Tips for a New School Year

The days are long but the years are short!!

As school starts, I think about my freshman year of College. What an exciting adventure it was to choose a school and then to go shopping for dorm decorations! We arrived on the first day with an entire truck and carload. From the outside, I was totally prepared for school; drawers jammed packed, closet with no room to spare, and school supplies to last me my entire four years of college.

However, mentally I was not ready for this new adventure.

College is a time when you learn to make decisions for yourself. Your parents are no longer by your side guiding you through projects, making you do your homework or cheering you on at your sports game.

So how can you prepare? As I felt underprepared and overwhelmed by this new stage in my life, I compiled a list of reminders to help me not forget what is important. Take a look at this aid – print it out or tack it on your wall. It’s important to keep reminders for ourselves to help us not get lost in this new phase of life.

1. Pray about everything

2. Don’t let your Bible get dusty

3. Don’t be afraid to make new friends

4. Participate in the events on campus

5. Always go to class

6. Make studying fun by having study groups

7. Always back up your files

8. Don’t drink too much caffeine

9. Get plenty of sleep

10. Get to know your professors – they truly care about you

11. Do things that keep the stress away….yoga, running, working-out, sitting outside…whatever makes you relax

12. Get a tutor

13. If you get a job, try and find one that gives you experience in your area of study or allows you to do school work during down time.

14. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

And most importantly…

15. And have FUN because the days are long but the years are short!!

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