• Coke

Waters of Grace

Stop, close your eyes, and breathe.

Breathe in the sweet freshness of life.

Drink in the sunshine of a new day,

Or the raindrops of a clean beginning.

Allow yourself to lay down in the waters of Grace,

to drown in the seas of mercy and steadfast love.

Let the ocean of His Majesty’s love permeate your soul,

and let the salty seas purify your decrepit heart.

For the God of glory will not let you sink,

into the vast darkness of this world.

He will not let the waves beat you into submission,

but will chisel your heart to be more like Christ.

Bless you, child of God, because your toil is not in vain.

For when you swim in waters of righteousness,

your name will not be forgotten in the Kingdom.

For your perseverance is a blessing all its own.

So, do not be shaken when your house is under attack-

When the flood waters of suffering rise to meet you.

For the Lord is in the house with you. Seek him,

and his blessings will outweigh the rain in the sky!

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