Who Told You So

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Insufficiency is terrifying, but who told you that you are insufficient?

One of my greatest fears in life is not being enough. My enneagram tells me that this fear is my greatest weakness, and my brain tells me that insufficiency is my greatest flaw. Over the years, I have allowed what other people tell me to become my reality. I could write for days about what the sinful choice to listen to these voices means for my life and for anyone who believes the lie that they are insufficient, but I want to address a very specific part of this gravely tormenting lie:

“Not being enough” is not an insecurity problem or a works-based problem. No matter how confident I feel or how hard I try to be enough, I always find insufficiency to be the ultimate end point.

“Not being enough” is not believing that God is enough.

The Bible is very clear when it shows us just how “not enough” we are apart from God. As Christians it is our sacred duty to live in and appreciate the fact that we are sufficient when we walk confidently in the faith that God in us is enough. So, by allowing human words to affect the mindset of our human hearts, we are allowing the world to tell us that God is wrong. That is why believing that we are not enough is a lack of faith.

For example, I have spent years fighting the temptation to believe people when they say that I am not doing enough as a friend. I was convinced that if I could not love others the way they wanted to be loved, then I must be doing something wrong. This fed an insecurity that made me afraid to make connections and form new friendships because “What if I wasn’t enough for them?” This is how Satan wins. When we allow him to tell us what we are worthy of, how capable we are, and who defines our value, we give him control over our lives. If we surrender control to him, we are incapable of pursuing kingdom building acts of grace.

Insufficiency is not a fault it is a falsehood.

When we listen to the world, all we will ever hear is the ways we have failed. The most empowering thing you and I can speak over our lives is that Jesus is enough. He is the most empowering thing in our life. As daughters of the one true King, we will know His voice because He will tell us that we are enough because He was enough.

You, dear reader, are sufficient for Him, accepted by Him, because He was sufficient for you a thousand years ago on the cross. His sacrifice was accepted on your behalf. And He is sufficient for you today. His death and life means that you are eternally accepted. You are enough in the mundane things of life and in the big moments of life because He was enough everyday that He lived and walked this earth. You can overcome because He overcame. You are enough in Him because He died to make you worthy. You are enough because He told you so.

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