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Triad Program

So you wanna know more about triad groups?

Triad partners work towards the same goals, similar to one-on-one mentoring: to build disciples to walk in faith and share our confidence in Christ with others.

Triad groups will consist of one Mentor and two Mentees. While the Mentor is there to contribute spiritual guidance and direction to each meeting, our goal is for mentees to become equipped with the skills and confidence to have faith and discipline in their own lives.

We hope that in this three-person setting, you can have life-giving conversations with a greater sense of community. We encourage you to make this a place to discuss fears, struggles, celebrations, and encouragement freely. 

Female friends at the cafe

Triad Objectives

  • To grow in spiritual maturity 

  • To develop spiritual discipline for your personal faith journey

  • To grow in understanding and wisdom of the word and nature of God 

  • To strengthen your abilities to disciple others in your community 

A Little Bit About How It Works:


Fill out an application for us to let us know a bit about you! This helps us in the matching process. 


Just a way to get to know you better face to face. This helps us match you with a mentor or mentee that has a similar story to yours. 

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We begin the pairing process! We will need you to fill out a couple of forms for our records to get you all set up. Please fill out the confidentiality statement below in the "Forms" section.  


You've got your match and can begin meeting! Grab a coffee or a meal with your mentor or mentee each week and watch how the Lord works!

Recommended Resources

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